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Promoting American Business in a Globalized World

Why Buy American?

-You want morally responsible, ethically produced goods. Buying American is a sure way to oppose sweatshop labor, child labor, and dictatorships.
-You want to support the working families of the USA. They’re your friends an neighbors. Wouldn’t you rather give them your business?
-You want to keep your money domestic. You’ll be helping the economy, and local money always circles back. Keeping money here means more profits, more tax revenue, and more money to spend on things like schools, roads, and medicaid.
-You want safe products. Cheap goods made overseas can contain lead, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals that are banned here and more stringently regulated. If you’re buying a toy from your child, it’s simply safer to buy American.

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How to Shop American 101:

Here are a few big industries where America dominates:

Cars: The great American automotive heyday was supposed to be back in the ‘50s. It’s true, the car industry went through a pretty bad rough patch. However, since the big bailout in 2009, Detroit automakers have gone from strength to strength. They’re now at their most profitable ever, and for the first time in 25 years, they’re consistently scoring at the top of independent testing site reviews, like Consumer Reports. So, when you’re looking for your new car, buy American. You’ll have a safer, more reliable car, made right here at home. Ford/Lincoln/Mercury, GM/Chevrolet, and Dodge/Chrysler/Ram are your best choice for a new vehicle.

Guns: There’s nothing more quintessentially American than a great gun. The Winchester and Remingtons of old transformed the American landscape and gave us civilization as we know it today. American rifle manufacturers are some of the nation’s biggest employers, and there are quite a few reasons to love them. They use parts made in the USA, including American steel and wood. They also have superb quality control, which means you’re buying a much safer, more reliable firearm that you can trust with your well-being. American weapons also have a strong sense of heritage. You’re buying something that will become a family treasure for decades to come. Whether you’re looking for a vintage 12-gage shotgun or the 
best gun safe for the money, shop American!

Musical Instruments: American music from Rock’N’Roll’s heyday transformed the world. It’s why American artists are still on top of the charts all around the world. A lot of that sound is down to the instruments the greats have used. There are a few guitar makers in the USA that have been around since the very beginning of the rock’n’roll era. Gibson and Fender are still making the best electric guitars in the world. Martin are undisputedly the greatest acoustic guitar maker in the world. Their distinctive sound comes from American wood, shaped by American hands in American factories. These are heirloom instruments that are passed down as prized treasures. If you want to sound like one of the greats, buy American!